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Keeping track of marketing has become downright ridiculous. Between news, trends, technology, and tactics, there’s too much chaos to pay attention to what matters. The Goldpan Report filters through the noise. 

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Dan Russell

Award-Winning Neuromarketing Expert

You’re a business leader who knows the value of your time—and you know that jumping into every new marketing trend is just another way to spin your wheels and burn money.

I ran a marketing agency for eight years. It took me almost that long to find a way to stay up to date with all the new software platforms, masterminds, training programs, and tactics that barraged my inbox on a daily basis. Odds are you’re on the same path.

The Goldpan Report contains my hand-picked trends and insights that have a higher-than-average likelihood of moving the needle for your business. My team and I sift through all those newsletters, research reports, and case studies for you and only send the insights that you need to know about.

Dan Russell


There are

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more marketing tech platforms today than there were 9 years ago

Every day,

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marketing emails are sent to inboxes just like yours

As an “ain’t-no-hollaback” girl once said,

This shit is bananas.

The marketing technology industry is crazier than it ever has been—and it’s not gonna slow down anytime soon.

There are thousands of experts, agencies, and marketing platforms out there, each with their own plan to dominate your inbox and news feed. The Goldpan Report lets you finally cancel, unsubscribe, and ignore all of them without fearing that you’ll miss out on the next legitimate trend. And the best part? It’s free.

I tried to get Gwen Stefani to do a quick riff for me, but she blocked my number years ago.


Unbiased, No-B.S. Answers To Questions You Can’t Ask Anywhere Else

I ran a marketing agency for eight years. I know how insane and full of idiots and charlatans this industry can seem. I even wrote a book about it. But I’ve also seen the good side of marketing—and it’s worth sifting through the mess to find it.

Every issue of the Goldpan Report is filled with unbiased, experience-driven insights from yours truly. There are no affiliate agreements or partnership clauses tying me to any platform or company outside of my own. I’m a free agent, baby! That means you get my unfiltered updates—raw and from the source.

Yes, yes, yes... but does it work?

Testimonials for a newsletter?? Yes. I’m asking for your time, after all—TIME. Our most valuable, nonrenewable asset.

Yup, it works. I regularly write about real-world case studies and creative strategies that have measurable bottom-line impact. Those who follow the numbers end up making more money and saving time chasing shiny objects.


92.5% boost in online store sales

Dry Farm Wines is a natural wine subscription company that was trying to boost their checkout conversion rate. By implementing three of the 60+ NeuroTactics I teach—social proof, risk reversal, and authority—they just about doubled their sales conversion rate.

Funnel Strategy

From zero digital marketing experience to 1,299% ROI

My team and I conducted research and put a strategy together around the rising trend of virtual summits. Using this as their core marketing strategy for one of their new products, Chip Leader Coaching achieved a 1,299% return on investment for the campaign.

Ad Insights

31% more leads using Goldilocks targeting

We researched a new ad targeting strategy nicknamed the “Goldilocks Method.” Facing rising advertising costs, The International School Of Forensic Handwriting Analysis put our strategy to the test, resulting in a 31% increase in lead flow without an increase in ad budget.

Offer Crafting

6,797% increase in affiliate sales

NeuroTactics to the rescue, once again! YourLabwork was looking to increase the close rate of their sales page for a well-known affiliate. They used a NeuroTactic called the Compromise Effect to update the pricing structure and inclusions of their offer.

Don't just take my word for it...

The Goldpan Report is where people get real, actionable marketing intelligence.

Dan manages to bring so much clarity and “translate” complex marketing concepts in a simple way

Biliana Barker
Founder of Seneca Advisory Digital Health

Over many years I’ve seen Dan uphold a standard that few can match. He’s leading the frontier of neuromarketing.

Sebastian Cruze

Founder —

Dan has always delivered effective, science backed, results-driven strategies.

Michael Matthes

Founder at

Guiding Values For The Goldpan Report

the philosophy behind the newsletter

Data Beats Hype

Research is the only thing that separates the real marketing strategies from hyped-up crap. If there isn’t proof of something generates results, it’s not included in our content.


Marketing is, at its core, humans talking to humans. You can make it more complicated than that, but you won’t necessarily be more successful.

Always Independent

The Goldpan Report is operated independently of financial connections to outside marketing companies or investors with “other plans” for your membership. That means you get Dan’s insights unfiltered and straight from the source.

Art & Science

Marketing, and business in general, is a blend of art and science. Too much focus on one or the other will lead to frustration and failure.

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