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What we believe

We like to have fun—and these days, there’s a lot of room for fun to be added to marketing. We cherish the art and science of human connection equally. We publish stories that share wisdom and demonstrate principles. We do not take advantage of, nor take for granted, the tools of influence we have at our disposal. Our mandate is to inspire first and teach second. We understand that data beats hype in the long run.

We like to have fun.

Take any marketing blog post, training, or webinar these days—they all look, sound, and smell the same. They’re boring. No matter how motivated you are to learn a new marketing skill, you inevitably end up with dry, uninspired, and exhausting content. Goldpan is designed to shake things up and make marketing fun again. We want to turn marketing into an adventure for you—a journey of discovery and inspiration.

We cherish.

Goldpan exists to provide an environment of creativity and accountability for business leaders. That means we avoid list posts at all costs, even if our SEO suffers for it. We write to enrapture you as much as we write to help you come up with your next big marketing idea. We know the two go hand-in-hand. The second cannot exist without the first.

We publish stories.

Ask any marketer what skill they value most and they’ll tell you it’s their ability to write. Ask any great writer what skill they value most and they’ll tell you it’s their ability to tell great stories. Stories are the basic method humans use to communicate and pass on information. And yet, few (if any) pieces of content in the marketing world use that basic principle. Goldpan gets back to basics—we tell great stories that inspire you and help you learn.

We do not take advantage.

The content we publish is designed to impart knowledge and inspire—not to be used in any way that takes advantage of another person or group. For example, we prevent certain NeuroTactics from being published due to their potential for abuse. 


In addition, the Goldpan Report is operated independently of financial connections to outside marketing companies or investors with “other plans” for your subscription or membership. That means you get our insights unfiltered and unbiased.

Data beats hype.
Research is the only thing that separates the real marketing strategies from hyped-up crap. If there isn’t proof of something generates results, it’s not included in our content.