"How To Create Compelling Educational Content In Your Marketing"

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Educational content is built to share information that your audience would not otherwise think of or be able to access themselves. In the right hands, it’s an incredibly powerful marketing method. In the wrong hands, it can bore your audience to tears. Let’s look at an example of educational content done right.

In 1951, David Ogilvy published his first-ever ad. It was called the Guinness Guide To Oysters. In it, he showed nine illustrations of different types of oysters, explaining how each of them paired well with a glass of Guinness beer. 

Guinness Guide to Oysters
Source: Swiped.co

This was the first ad of its kind. It immediately catapulted Ogilvy into the heavy-hitter marketing club. The reason it performed so well is that, unlike other beer ads, the Guinness Guide To Oysters educated beer fans by sharing a fact that they probably weren’t aware of—that Guinness, although it is a beer, compliments the taste of oysters in a unique way.

This was useful and actionable information that had a direct tie-in to the decision of whether or not to drink Guinness, and it expanded the universe of possible situations in which someone could order a Guinness. It also had the added effect of creating curiosity around what an oyster paired with a Guinness would taste like.

Educational content is not about just blasting your audience with random information. It is not about creating how-to videos or instructional whitepapers on how great your product is. Instead, high-quality Educational content presents an idea that your audience has never thought about before. It illustrates possibilities that they would not have considered on their own.

If you feel this is the right style of content for you, start thinking about ways that your audience can incorporate your product into their lives, specifically in ways they haven’t thought of before. Your Educational content can be just as emotionally engaging and deeply-felt as the other two types of content style. It is up to you to leverage your campaign’s “Big Idea” in a creative way that causes people to think, “hmm… I’ve never thought of that.”

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