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NeuroTactic Overview

Mood-Congruent Memory

Our mood dictates how open we are to memories and, in many cases, new experiences


Our moods determine the memories that are most easily retrievable in a given moment. If you are sitting in traffic, your brain is recalling other moments that you’ve been stuck in traffic. But while your brain is performing that recall in order to guide your decisions in the present moment, it’s also retrieving the mood you were feeling at those past times as well, which was likely frustration or anxiety around being late. Memories become more easily retrievable —along with the associated feelings —by your state of being in a certain mood.

As psychology website Alley Dog puts it, “For instance, it is a holiday and you are feeling happy and relaxed. That mood by itself can evoke other memories of holidays, fun times, family get-togethers, etc… Anything that shares the current mood.

Likewise, something bad happens in your life. This brings up similar bad memories of negative events and can plunge a person into a spiral of despair. Although the actual process behind this is not well understood, it is very common.”

This is why people will become more open to transformative work 30 minutes into a personal growth coaching session than at the outset. They have been brought into the right mood by going through a series of visualizations.If you find yourself in the situation of having to reach an audience who is either dismissive of your product or has some kind of resistance to paying close attention to you, focus first on reminding them of positive moments. This will help lift them into a place of feeling more positive, which can contribute to boosting their focus on you.

Primary Source:

Howe ML, Malone C. Mood-congruent true and false memory: effects of depression. Memory. 2011 Feb;19(2):192-201. doi: 10.1080/09658211.2010.544073. Epub 2011 Feb 2. PMID: 21294037.

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The DREAM framework, created by Vivid Labs, represents a research-backed framework for effective marketing messages. It stands for Desire, Routing, Emotion, Attention, and Memorability.

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AIDA is a well-known framework for assembling a marketing message. It stands for the four steps of human decision-making: Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action.

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