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NeuroTactic Overview

Past Commitment Rationality

We go out of our way to behave in line with commitments we've made in the past


In a study held in Iowa, over 200 homeowners opted to have their energy usage tracked for 12 months. The researchers in charge of the study told half of the group that their names would be published in the newspaper. As the study commenced, the group that was told their names would be published had a 15.5% lower energy usage over the winter months.

In order to appear rational to others, we alter our behavior to match our past commitments, even when it is outside of our immediate priorities. This is called Past Commitment Rationality. When someone makes a commitment during a sales process, especially a conversation, they are affirming their future decision-making to work with you. Ensure that you receive these commitments early and often.

Primary Source:

Pallak et al (1980). Commitment and energy conservation. Applied Social Psychology Annual, Volume 1, 235-253

Dream Category:


The DREAM framework, created by Vivid Labs, represents a research-backed framework for effective marketing messages. It stands for Desire, Routing, Emotion, Attention, and Memorability.

AIDA Category:

Awareness, Action
AIDA is a well-known framework for assembling a marketing message. It stands for the four steps of human decision-making: Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action.

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