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NeuroTactic Overview


We will modify our behavior in ways that earn rewards


When 58 homeowners in Philadelphia, PA were asked to have their produce buying habits monitored for 8 weeks, half were given a 50% discount reward on any fruit and vegetables they purchased, and the other half of the group was not. 

After the study was over, it was found that the discount reward increased purchases of fruits and vegetables from 6.4 to 16.7 servings per household per week. The reward alone was the cause of this increase.

We are naturally motivated by rewards. Adding rewards to your customer journey, before and after the first purchase, will reliably increase the rate at which people engage with your marketing and ultimately buy from you.

Primary Source:

Phipps et al. (2015). Impact of a rewards-based incentive program on promoting fruit and vegetable purchases. American Journal of Public Health, vol. 105

Dream Category:


The DREAM framework, created by Vivid Labs, represents a research-backed framework for effective marketing messages. It stands for Desire, Routing, Emotion, Attention, and Memorability.

AIDA Category:

Awareness, Action
AIDA is a well-known framework for assembling a marketing message. It stands for the four steps of human decision-making: Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action.

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