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NeuroTactic Overview


We place more trust in specific statements and offers than those which are vague


Increasing specificity leads to “enhanced perceptions” about an offer being made to a customer. The more specific the offer, the more likely a consumer is to trust the message and the messenger.

Generally speaking, specificity leads to clarity. Clarity leads to trust, and trust is the precursor to making a decision to move forward. By establishing specificity, you are painting a clearer picture in the mind of your prospect by establishing clear expectations of what they will receive or experience.

To apply specificity to your marketing, take a look at the claims, benefits, and features that you are sharing. How can you make them clearer and more specific? Also take a close look at your FAQ section and purchase/registration instructions. How can they be as specific as possible so your prospects and customers have more clarity around what they are getting?

Primary Source:

“Roberson, Q.M., Collins, C.J. & Oreg, S. The Effects Of Recruitment Message Specificity On Applicant Attraction To Organizations. J Bus Psychol 19, 319–339 (2005). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10869-004-2231-1 https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10869-004-2231-1”

Dream Category:


The DREAM framework, created by Vivid Labs, represents a research-backed framework for effective marketing messages. It stands for Desire, Routing, Emotion, Attention, and Memorability.

AIDA Category:

AIDA is a well-known framework for assembling a marketing message. It stands for the four steps of human decision-making: Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action.

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