We will always be persuaded by and remember people and companies that tell great stories. Our brains are hard-wired to remember stories more than any other type of information (especially numbers). This is because we seek to justify reasons for things happening, from our refrigerator breaking down to a client leaving. This is called Storyteller Bias, also known as Narrative Bias.

Your customers’ perception of your brand, and even their perception of you personally, is shaped by the stories you tell. By using the Storyteller Bias as a way guide your branding and marketing efforts, you are using the most powerful form of communication to include your customers on an emotional journey.

Stories can be incorporated into every step of the customer journey, from advertising to phone calls. It is critical to investigate what the right stories are for your brand and to tell them in the right way. Stories can be short or long; the choice depends on the channel through which you’re communicating and the purpose of your story’s existence in your campaign.

When writing your stories, consider other NeuroTactics, including the Availability Heuristic, Past Commitment Rationality, and Confirmation Bias.