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NeuroTactic Overview

Zeigarnik Effect

We feel a psychological weight when tasks remain unfinished, and we will remember unfinished tasks longer than tasks which have been completed.


Pending assignments or tasks stay in our memory longer than completed assignments. When we try to remember all of our pending tasks, they come to mind easily. If, on the other hand, we try to recall all of our completed tasks in the same time frame, we have more difficulty bringing them to mind. We feel a psychological weight of unfinished tasks, and have a higher recall rate of them, until they are completed.

Your customers are consciously and unconsciously aware of the tasks they have left incomplete. In the case of your marketing and sales process, these incomplete tasks can range from reading an email to scheduling a sales call to signing a contract. Reminding your prospects and customers of these tasks, such as sending a cart abandonment email, will increase the likelihood that they will complete them. To get the most out of this effect, be sure to highlight the emotional release they will feel once the task is complete.

Primary Source:

Zeigarnik, B. (1938). On finished and unifinished tasks. A source book of Gestalt psychology, 1, 300-314

Dream Category:

Desire, Attention, Memorability

The DREAM framework, created by Vivid Labs, represents a research-backed framework for effective marketing messages. It stands for Desire, Routing, Emotion, Attention, and Memorability.

AIDA Category:

Awareness, Action
AIDA is a well-known framework for assembling a marketing message. It stands for the four steps of human decision-making: Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action.

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